5 Star Extinguisher Services is a provider of safe, environmentally friendly and efficient emergency and related equipment services. 5 Star Extinguisher Services will provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for employees, contractors and clients. To achieve this goal we will

  • Ensure full compliance with all relevant health and safety legislation;
  • Develop a culture among all staff which fosters an increasing understanding of the importance of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in all activities, and the resultant OHS responsibility of each individual;
  • Inform and train staff in safe work practices;
  • Regularly consult with employee health and safety representatives;
  • Implement and maintain an OHS Management System which is aligned with Australian Standards; and
  • Provide the necessary environment, support and training.

Technicians are responsible for the occupational health and safety of people in their work areas, and must take all reasonable steps for the elimination of hazards in their work areas.

All staff must ensure they work safely and without risk of damage to the workplace or injury to themselves, their co-workers, contractors and clients of 5 Star Extinguisher Services

NSW Manager
April 2005

Occupational Health and Safety
A way of life